The Galactic Gypsy Sisters of Wisdom

Linda Thomas is a life-long nature lover.  Starting from her earliest childhood memories, she recalls spending endless hours down by the creek on her family's country farm, playing with the pollywogs and fairies that lived in and neat the pond... as an only child, her imagination was active with invisible friends, tamed wild birds and animals, and a passion for books.

Linda was a member of the "pioneer" class at U.C. Santa Cruz.  Being in the heart of the "Aquarian Age Awakening" and at the forefront of New Age thinking, she became curious and passionate about environmentally compatible alternatives as well as utopian communities. She is an artist and healer.   In her younger years, she was an activist, yet always a humanitarian.  She is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Massage Therapist, Light-Worker and Energy Healer.  With her love of books, she spent many years as a librarian.  

Through her years of research, Linda has combined the sacred teachings of Tibetan, Christian, Native American, and New Age into her own personal techniques and practices.  As she gracefully matured, she has recently developed a keen connection with the Elemental Realm and Beings of the Inner Earth.  She also has multi-dimensional Self Mastery training and is an Ambassador for ECETI... and particularly enjoys photographing Orbs, Fairies and UFOs.

Linda has combined her life experience with her intuitive perceptions and is also available for intuitive readings.  She is an artist and a certified Fairyologist, and gives readings using various Elemental cards and crystals.