Welcome to The Galactic Gypsy!

The Galactic Gypsy began as a flash of inspiration for sharing my passion of seeking the incredible and amazing higher spiritual intelligence, messages, energy, and light of the 5th dimension and beyond.

I AM Cassie Mailheau, founder of The Galactic Gypsy.  For the past 50+ years I have been developing my skills as an Intuitive Astrologer, Voyager Deck and Certified Angel Card Reader, Starseed-Lightworker and Light-Language Activator.  I AM also a Certified Past Life Regression Coach, Energy Space Clearing-Healer, Multi-Dimensional Traveler, Galactic Contactee and Experiencer.  I AM also an Animal Intuitive, Author and Artist.  I have studied with elders of the Machwaya Rhomany Culture, Native American Wisdom Keepers, as well as Galactic Guides and Gurus.  Additionally, I have learned much from Archangels, Angels, benevolent Star Beings, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Animal Spirit Guides, Elementals, and my Higher Self.   It is my honor and delight to share my experiences.