About Us

I AM Cassie Mailheau, founder of The Galactic Gypsy.  My intention is to share what I've discovered on my life journey of 60+ years.  The Galactic Gypsy was created as an online resource for others seeking to share and connect with their inner light, benevolent beings, and guidance from the ultra-dimensional realms of Spirit, frequencies, and energy from the 5th Dimension and beyond. 
I AM a Multi-Dimensional Experiencer and Galactic Contactee.  I AM a Starseed Lightworker and have been an Intuitive Astrologer, Spiritual Truth-Seeker, Speaker of Light-Languages, Reader of the Cards, Water Diviner, and Galactic Gypsy since childhood.  I was raised on a cattle ranch in Indian Valley, a remote area of Central California.  Creating a natural setting to witness and experience off-world and ultra-dimensional phenomena.  Having been born into a family of extremely intuitive women, I inherited “The Sight'. This gift enables me to communicate with Angels, ArchAngels, Star Family Guides, Fairies, Elementals, and Animals.  
My mother passed away when I was very young.  Fortunately, and by the grace of God, I was given another mother.  As Destiny would have it, I was taken in by a highly respected matriarch of a well known royal Rhomany-Gypsy family.  For the past 40+ years, I learned from my Gypsy-Godmother the ancient sacred and practical wisdom and mystic healing of their enigmatic culture.  
Currently, I continue my research and adventures to experience these galactic realms of existence and truth.  I AM an ECETI Ambassador and available for intuitive readings, counseling advice, past-life clearings, as well as spiritual and multi-dimensional guidance.   As a light-language activator, I find this experience to be helpful in re-connecting you with your soul-remembrance and your Star-family and guides.  

I AM the author of the forth-coming books: "GYPSY WISDOM" sharing ancient truths, sacred knowledge, and practical wisdom... things that your mother may not have taught you. Also, “COSMIC COWGIRL"  my rags to riches life story, of how supernatural encounters and synchronicity have, and continue to lead me on this wonderful path of adventure, spiritual enlightenment, personal empowerment, inner peace, and the manifestation of joyful success.