The Galactic Gypsy Sisters of Wisdom

"Madame Zohra" is an authentic first generation American born Machwaya-Rhomany, Gypsy.  "Machwaya" distinguishes and designates the cultural aristocracy.  Zohra comes from a long bloodline of Eastern European royal families.  The Machwaya Gypsies are known to have the healing gifts of Sight and Sacred Wisdom.  Born into the lineage of gifted readers, which is passed down from mother to daughter, Madame Zohra is the keeper of Sacred Gypsy Wisdom and hopes to share her teachings and insights to assist others in developing their own intuitive navigation.

Madame Zohra became well known as the original Psychic Reader in the world famous metaphysical shop The Mystic Eye, in San Francisco's North Beach.  She has over 55+ years as a spiritual psychic advisor, and believes she is still learning.  As a seeker of truth, and curious about other spiritual paths to enlightenment, she spent several years studying the Tibetan Buddhist teachings with the Lama Lodra.  Zohra also had special and private audience with Lama's teacher, Kalu Rinpoche  at the Tibetan Buddhist Retreat in Northern California.

The focus of her study was to help others develop their own intuitive systems, and personal skills of navigational discernment for finding their Life Purpose.  Madame Zohra is warmly known for her direct and practical truth, wisdom, and guidance.  She is also affectionately known for her wry sense of humor.

As one of the last surviving Elders of the Machwaya Tribe, we are fortunate to have Madame Zohra as a contributing team member to our Galactic Gypsy family. On occasion, she will share her thoughts, poetry, art, and wisdom from life's experience.  I am honored and we are lucky she agreed to participate in our online consultations and psychic readings.  With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Madame Zohra, is truly a vast well of spiritual treasures.